May 2022 - Footy Ends, Growing Starts

The League 1 football season has come to an end and despite a lack lustre 21/22 for Charlton Athletic I have renewed my ticket for next season, taking full advantage of the "Early Bird" prices. Although the football was rather disappointing for us Charlton Athletic fans I am hoping that the growing season in the garden and the allotment will be far better than the football.

Everything has started growing well (including the weeds). The weather has been quite warm and extremely dry and with no frosty mornings forecast. Therefore,I took full advantage and started planting out some flowers, salads and veg. Lettuce, sweet corn and sweet peas are now in situ. The onions and potatoes are looking healthy, broad beans are producing bean pods and I have been harvesting my asparagus. Unfortunately, the asparagus is a little disappointing (bit like the football) and I am wondering whether the plants are coming to the end of their useful lives. I shall have to decide what to do with them later on in the season.

One of the disadvantages of the weather being so dry is that I have to make regular evening trips to the allotment to water those thirsty plants. However, the journey is not so bad because I don't live very far away (I can actually see the allotment shed from my bedroom window). Oh well, it keeps me fit!

I have now started an instagram account which is devoted to posts that show pictures and movies taken on my allotment. I'm really pleased because, at last count, I have 146 followers. No small feat for only 2 months exposure on the social media platform. I will keep a close watch because I seem to be able to achieve a much better audience from Instagram than from this website, even though I have links to both the website from Instagram and vice versa. Why not follow me?

Simply visit the website and then click on the instagram button.

Typical British weather, as I write about how dry it is, the rain starts lashing against my window. Still, at least I get off the watering run this evening. Good luck with the planting.

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