May 2021

Despite the chill, it is a lovely time of year. The bluebells are in full bloom, my first early potatoes are at long last poking through the soil (6 weeks after planting them) and I have setup two sets of cane wigwams ready for my sweet peas and runner beans. The sweet peas I have planted out as they are quite hardy but my runner beans are still in the greenhouse as I don’t trust the English weather – not just yet anyway.

The beetroot Boltardy are growing well. I do have a slight confession to make, though. I did initially start one batch in the greenhouse in plastic seed containers. I have since discovered that the general wisdom is to sow them straight in the ground (which I did for the second batch) or into bio-degradable pots. The reason being, is that they don’t like their roots disturbed – fussy little devils. However, I planted the pot grown seedlings into the ground a week ago and they don’t appear to be too upset at the moment. Fingers crossed, I may have got away with it this time.

I have been harvesting the first of the asparagus. It hasn’t been as prolific as I would’ve liked but I am getting a steady crop. What it lacks in abundance it certainly makes up for in flavour (must’ve been that processed horse manure I fed it with).

Looking at all the little plants that are in my greenhouse I am worried that I might not have enough space on the allotment to plant quite as much as I have grown. I think I’ve been a little over enthusiastic with sowing and I may end up having to give some of the stuff away to others. Still, that’s not a problem as they will probably give me something I have never grown before in return - one person has given me some Italian beans to have a go at growing. However, if I do get swaps, I will still have to find some room for them!

It’s a busy time of year and there are lots of jobs to do on both the allotment and in the garden. I have been taking photos of how it’s all progressing so please take a look at my photo gallery webpage. Most photos show how I have been keeping myself occupied and the changes that are happening on the allotment plot but there are some images of how spring is progressing in the local woodlands too.

Enjoy what’s left of spring and look out for my next blog in June.

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