February 2021

The weather in February started off lovely enough but soon reverted to type and brought snow and ice in the second week. My part of the Southeast didn’t get as much snow, as the rest of the country, but we still had a covering. I felt it was freezing cold too but a friend of mine thought me a wimp as he said he’d been out and about in his usual fleece and shorts.

The snow certainly looked lovely but I always feel that it is better appreciated looking through a window from a warm house. However, I did rush up to the allotment plot to take some pictures of it covered in snow and have shared a few of those images with you on the Photo Gallery page. Also, I have included a couple of shots from our local woods, managed by the Woodland Trust.

I’ve started to sow some seeds ready for the new season. I bought packets of herbs and will be sowing a few of the early ones very shortly, when the compost defrosts at any rate. I took some seeds from three sweet peppers purchased at our local supermarket and had a go at planting those. I had some success with this method last year. I can’t say that I thought of this idea myself, I always thought buying commercially produced seeds means they are free from disease and give better results all round. However, I was watching an episode of Gardeners’ World and someone sent in a video clip suggesting it. In for a penny in for a pound, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the plants turned out and the fact that they did actually produce peppers. They tasted very good but because I planted them late on in the season, they didn’t turn red so had to make do with green peppers. This year I have sowed them in February, so fingers crossed I get red peppers this time.

February’s blog is a little short as there aren’t that many jobs you can do when the ground is frozen. However, next month the growing season begins in earnest. I’m saving toilet roll innards (for sweet peas and runner beans) and old food containers as reserve seed trays. I still haven’t put up my new plastic greenhouse, I’m just waiting for the weather to improve. I’m in no hurry, though, as it won’t be heated anyway so wouldn’t be used to propagate seeds this early on in the year. My wallpaper pasting table and windowsills will be roped in to hold the trays containing all my delicate seedlings that’ll be growing in the house. Far cosier than unheated greenhouses.

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