Diary - 2020


July 2020

  • Signed tenancy agreement and paid dues 9th June

  • Planted Leeks and cabbages 24th June they have been excellent crops.


August 2020

  • Planted carrots and spinach seeds 7th August - carrots a disaster as it was too dry, spinach is still going in December, excellent crop.

  • Planted 3 kale that were given to me by another allotment holder.  We've had plenty of leaves off them and they are still producing in December.


September 2020

  • Weeded bushes at back of allotment, cut down Asparagus and weeded the bed.  Mulched Asparagus bed 11th September.  I inherited these when I took on the plot.  I probably cut the asparagus a little early but they were so badly covered in weeds that I thought it best to do this job in September.


October 2020

  • I Erected a Shed on the allotment.  It's the green one in the picture.  I purchased the shed from Argos, it took took 2 months to arrive and cost about £300.

  • I planted Spring Cabbages (donated by another allotment holder) and erected Blackberry support 10th October - you can just see it behind the white netting.

  • Finished laying out the plot complete with paths 24th October.


November- December 2020

  • Split rhubarb plant from garden and relocated half of it to allotment as it was dormant11th November.

  • I Planted 18 Glen Prosen raspberry canes, bare rooted from Van Meuwen 18th November.

  • Continue to keep weeds down and placed netting over second batch of broad beans.

  • 50 Seed Potatoes - King Edward, Maris Peer, Maris Piper, Charlotte and Red Duke of York -  delivered 18th December