Diary - 2022


February 2022


  • Erected Fruit Cage bought from allotment neighbour

  • Sowed Geranium seeds at the beginning of Feb

  • Sowed 2 variaties of Leeks - Neptune & Zermatt 17th Feb

  • Top dressed Raspberries, Rhubarb and Asparagus with horse manure and compost from allotment bins.

  • Storms Dudley, Eunice (severe red warning) and Franklin hit 16th, 18th and 20th Feb


March 2022

  • Sowed Gardeners' Delight and Beef Steak tomatoes, sweet peas, petunias, and peppers in the first week of March

  • Planted Onion sets on allotment - 9th March

  • Planted Gladioli on allotment 10th March

  • Trialling an organic tablet that mixes with water to speed compost making

  • Planted early Seed potatoes on 17th March

  • Sowed Sprouts on 20th March

  • Sowed Marigolds on 23rd March


April 2022

  • Sowed cabbages, cauliflowers and sweet corn indoors in modules and seed trays

  • Sowed spring onions, beetroot (boltardy) and radishes on allotment under poly-tunnels.

  • Sowed beet spinach (perpetual) and more beetroot in seed trays under glass

  • Harvested asparagus

  • Erected cane supports for sweet peas, runner beans and squash plants 28th April


May 2022

  • Planted sweet peas on allotment early May (no frost forecast)

  • Sowed Runner beans, cucumber and golden courgettes in doors - first week of May

  • Planted sweet corn and squash seedlings on allotment - second week of May

  • Weather unusually very dry and warm, causing the Swiss chard to go to seed a little early

  • Harvested first autumn sown broad beans

  • Planted out courgettes, cucumbers, sun flowers, cabbages, sprouts and cauliflower 3rd and final week of May


June 2022

  • Continued to harvest broad beans but they had finished by mid June.  Dug them out to make way for Swiss chard when the soil becomes less hard to dig and the seedlings become larger to handle

  • Planted runner beans next to sweet peas early June

  • Harvested my autumn sown garlic early June.  A little early but they had finished growing because of the unusually warm dry weather

  • sowed some more Swiss chard

  • Harvesting radishes and "cut & come again" lettuce.  Keep sowing more radishes

  • Harvested first of my potatoes 18th June. Maris Peer